Agricultural & Commission Trading

AGTE Limited supplies the farm & agriculture grains and clothing range as part of our commitment to providing this sector with high quality affordable workwear specific to the needs of the job & conditions.

Agricultural trading

One of the company’s lines of business includes wholesale of agricultural crops: grain, seeds, spring barley, wheat, dry beans, soybeans. We market these products from global origins to major domestic end-users. The company purchases and supplies agricultural products, different varieties of grains, and consistently seeks out new crop varieties to offer customers the best of what the grain market has to offer.

End-to-end solutions

AGTE Limited provides an end-to-end trading solution to our customers. We are constantly engaged in growing our sourcing base while adhering to quality and food safety standards. We believe in exploring collaborative opportunities with partners to build a sustainable and synergistic business. Our strong network combined with our experience in global trading and distribution will help us continue to grow. Our company implemented good traceability and quality control systems at our facilities, which assure that our products are safe and produced to the World standard.

We submit on-time laboratory results for pesticide residues, mycotoxins, fungi or any other substances required.We always keep in mind that our customers need products to arrive on time, as they also have agreements with their clients to fulfil. Therefore, it is important to allow plenty of time to get our products ready to be shipped. This way both parties can avoid losing their buyers.

Agricultural classification

Agricultural classification of wheat according to technological properties:
By standards, soft wheat is divided into 6 classes, durum into 5.


Higher, first “Strong” wheat, used for self-baking and to improve “weak” classes. It has high protein content, glassiness and raw gluten quality


The 2nd class is also “Strong” wheat, used for self-baking and to improve “weak” classes. Have the same properties as the first class.


Grade 3 It is considered valuable wheat, because it does not require improvement.It is used for the production of baking, pasta and confectionery flour, semolina and wheat groats, alcohol and starch.


Grade 4 is a wheat that needs to be upgraded “strong” to be used in baking.


Forage, used for non-food purposes as animal feed.


Forage, used for non-food purposes as animal feed.

Durum wheat of grades 2-4 containing more than 15% grain of other types of wheat is accepted as soft wheat of grade 4.

Agricultural fabric

Agricultural fabric is a type of agrotextile, which, like others, is intended for mulching the soil and preventing the growth of weeds. The main external difference between agrofabric and agrofiber is in the fabric structure. Whereas agrofibre has a non-woven base, agrofabric consists of tightly interwoven polypropylene threads.

Polypropylene does not decompose for a long time and is resistant to mechanical damage, therefore the warranty period of agricultural fabric is from 5 to 10 years. At the same time, it has excellent permeability for both water and fertilizers, but is resistant to their chemical influence.

In winter, agricultural fabric protects the roots of perennial plants from frostbite, and in summer – from overheating.

It cannot be said that agrofiber loses to agrofabric due to its short life, but the differences in the fabric structure are the main factor when choosing between these two types of agrotextile for solving various agricultural tasks.


Agricultural fabric is also widely used in landscape design, when it is important that after a long time the appearance of the landscape does not fade and is not spoiled. It should be noted that agricultural fabric is often used incorrectly for mulching strawberries. Since strawberries like loose sandy soil, the weight of the tissue itself compacts it relatively quickly, which will have a negative effect on the harvest. It is advisable to use agricultural fabric for strawberries only when it is grown on an industrial scale and only in order to, again, avoid mechanical damage to the agricultural fabric. In home agriculture or for a country plot, we recommend using agrofibre.

All agrofabric has a checkered marking, which is applied with the help of double green lines. It is very convenient to make a cut between these lines. This is done so that the cut edge does not fray. The division into squares also helps to measure the equal distance between the seedlings.

The main function of overalls is the safety of employees performing work of varying complexity and degree of risk

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